Corrections and other stuff

I’m working on those website corrections. Fun stuff.

Actually, what’s more fun– and I’m betting this is the group that would be interested in this (being a little geeky and good-oriented): I was driving around Fredericksburg today (I was either on Stafford St. or on Augustine St. can’t remember) and saw the google “street view” camera car! If you don’t know what that is: It is really cool and check out these links. They just put Richmond up (yeaaa… that’s my parents’ house) so I guess Fredericksburg is next? According to our friend wikipedia (which is a pretty good source on this type of stuff) says that they delayed the release of DC and northern Virginia bc of security concerns.

It’s too bad I didn’t take a cell phone picture of it, as it seems that is what people like to do: One, Two, Three… there are more.

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