Corrections and other stuff

I’m working on those website corrections. Fun stuff. Actually, what’s more fun– and I’m betting this is the group that would be interested in this (being a little geeky and good-oriented): I was driving around Fredericksburg today (I was either on Stafford St. or on Augustine St. can’t remember) and saw the google “street view” […]

UNofficial reflections

Okay– so (OF COURSE) I went over the allowed word count! But I have some thought about the future of this class, history at mary washington,  and the topic of digitial history that I thought might be good to post.  I’m guessing this is going to be a part of what we will talk about […]

Official Reflections on Digital History

During one of our Thursday presentations, the “Alumni Group” was asked a question about how, on our contract, we divided and set deadlines for the work we had to do on our project.  At the time, I didn’t think that was such a big deal- I assumed that each group member would contribute pretty much […]


Done, D-done, done-y, da-da-da-done…

You have no idea how much I want to write an “I’m done” blog entry. Even though I have mosttttttttt things done, I’m guessing I will always be making changes.  So I don’t think that “I’m done” statement wil ever happen… Question:  I accidentally put my flash drive thingie through wash yesterday.  Is it going […]

for class tomorrow

Sometimes I forget to write on the blog. What we need to talk about tomorrow: – Exhibit problems: pdf documents not being displayed. What do we do? – Timeline: I can’t get videos to work, can anybody else? – Profiles: We’re missing some information. – Polishing the site: Go through and make edits, make sure […]

Tuesday 04/08/08

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  I never got that out here…  My 485 rough draft is done and turned in.  Don’t worry, I did it Monday, but didn’t feel the need to update everyone until now.  And only now since I am giving a project update anyway.  So it’s done.  Hopefully Dr. Hudgins doesn’t make me change anything for […]

Impact of Digital on History

In reading Christopher Miller’s article “Strange Facts in the History Classroom: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Lobe the Wiki(pedia),” I immediately thought about the discussion we had a few weeks ago (months ago?) where we talked about our own opinions of how to incorporate Wikipedia into academic research. During that discussion, we […]

Well, today is really our first deadline- we’re supposed to have the articles scanned/uploaded to omeka. Hmmm…. deadline: “a line beyond which you die”. Who died? We also made some other deadlines on our google calander. We’ll see how thhhhhaaaat goes. I’ve got my Bullet articles done, but now there is a lot of other […]