A comment too long for the comments page…

…And a title too long for the title line.

This started out as a comment on Juliann’s latest post about the amazing site she found. It got longer and longer, and I thought I could (and other people) could find this better if I made it a post of my own. Also, I wanted a little credit for my thoughts. So here it is:

I agree. That is a great site. I really really really like it. One of the things that makes me happiest is that it can handle a little bit of video. I imagine us having a short version of an interview (or a comment about a specific event on our timeline) as a video with a short description and then a link to to more information on that interview, with a link to the complete interview (with video). The simile (smile, austin?) and xtimeline that Dr. McClurken showed us are pretty good. But I really like the way circavie looks. Can we keep it quiet so nobody else uses it?? (if you noticed, I didn’t put a link on this page) I know, I know… that’s not what we’re supposed to be doing.

One of the questions I’ve had with circavie is how to put it in our website (whatever type of website we choose). I tried to get one to work on my blog in class, but it didn’t happen. Dr. McClurken, I think, is checking on that for us. I know it won’t work on Omeka either. One option I have thought of is that I have my own personal webspace- with the opportunity to (for free) create somewhere where we can make our website without a lot of restrictions that the blog or omeka would have. Something like ‘www.thecentennialproject.com’ maybe? We could embed that timeline on there, and use that as a starting point for our website. Maybe incorporating Omeka as a way to catalog our interviews? And obviously youtube would be a great way host our videos.

What do you guys think?

4 Responses to “A comment too long for the comments page…”

  1. Did the ’embed this timeline’ text in the drop down box not work on the blog? Will help by email if you still have problems.
    –circaVie Team

  2. Wow, the CircaVie team is offering to help!

  3. […] people working on the CircaVie timeline project noticed Matt’s post about difficulty getting it to work in his blog and asked if they could help.  If you didn’t have a sense of the larger community […]

  4. […] This is a test of “embed this timeline” in a blog, which I could not get to work earlier: […]