Call Me Old Fashioned…

… But I cannot stand delicious.  In thinking about some of the way to “creatively” use some of the tools we’ve been looking at, I really cannot think of a single reason why I want to use delicious for my bookmarks.  I like to put them in the good ol’ fashioned way- with all the folders and stuff.  Maybe it’s just my way of thinking that I like the organizational structure of the way those work.

I guess I’m not supposed to be writing about things that I don’t really feel like using though.  One of the things I’m happiest with is the Google reader.  I’ve really wanted to get my RSS feeds going over the past few years, but had just never gotten around to it.  Now that I was forced to, I’ve really enjoyed it.  I can definitely use that in this class, but also with a whole lot of other stuff out there.

The obvious thing the online community uses are these blogs.  Now, I’m not much of a blogger- as evidence by my tardy blog post here- but it clearly has its uses as a place on the internet.  From an historic prospective, I can imagine that, through blogs and other internet sites, there has been a dramatic increase in personal diaries, first hand accounts, and personal responses of things that happen in the world.  These online documents are preserved, where paper documents don’t always survive.

One of the things I have kind of hoped that we would talk about in class- and we might be doing this later- is the creation of more graphical oriented web pages.  I think we would all agree, and we’ve seen in class and in our own internet usage, is that text based wage pages (with the exception of blogs, I guess) are on the way out.  Sites have to rely heavily on graphics, laid out in a professional way, for people to even look at them.

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