Tuesday 04/08/08

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  I never got that out here…  My 485 rough draft is done and turned in.  Don’t worry, I did it Monday, but didn’t feel the need to update everyone until now.  And only now since I am giving a project update anyway.  So it’s done.  Hopefully Dr. Hudgins doesn’t make me change anything for the final.  How great would that be?!

I was able to spend tonight working on the alumni project stuff.  So here’s a real quick list:  First, I made a little filmstrip graphic thing for the homepage.  What do you guys think of it??? Sometimes, it hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.  And, is it too gimmicky?

I also added the Create Commons stuff, like we had talked about during class on last Thursday.  I put it on the bottom of each page.

On the profile pages, I created a better way to display all the links.  We had too many videos to put where the used to be on the right side of the page.  I think it looks okay, but does it really?? I also put the time of each video next to the link.  I think that is helpful.

I still need to do an about us page.  And there are still a few gaps in the profiles.

As for the groooooup, the To-Do list much the same as last week:

– look at the site and send me any edits/additions

– If you haven’t yet, write a blurb about yourself: who you are/describe some of what you did for the project

– put transcripts of interviews, questionnaire sheets up on Omeka.

– upload all videos to youtube

– interviews left to edit

– t-line issues

– Bullet uploads

We have a meeting tomorrow tonight (6 pm in Monroe, if anybody else is interested in attending), so hopefully some of that stuff will be addressed tomorrow.

ps: this is a pretty bad post.

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