Well, today is really our first deadline- we’re supposed to have the articles scanned/uploaded to omeka. Hmmm…. deadline: “a line beyond which you die”. Who died? We also made some other deadlines on our google calander. We’ll see how thhhhhaaaat goes.

I’ve got my Bullet articles done, but now there is a lot of other stuff on the to do list.

For me to do- maybe by Tuesday’s class

– make some sort of graphic for the front page of the site that includes photographs, both old and new, our alumni count, maybe something that is interactive and moving. Hope that works.

– update profile pages with the info about each person, the photograph, links to video, artifacts-transcript. I’m going to have to change the layout of the page because there are more video links than fit in my little “video” box.

– about US page (as a link off of the about page or on the about page?)

Group things:

– look at the site and send me any edits

– write a blurb about yourself: who you are/describe some of what you did for the project

– put transcripts of interviews, questionnaire sheets up on Omeka.

– upload all videos to youtube

– three interviews left to edit

– t-line issues

– bullet bullet bullet…

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  1. Thats great that you have all your bullet articles done too… I agree it is definitely a toss up as to how those next deadlines go…..