Oh, wikipedia… what an interesting site.  Such a vast database of information, but oh so many factual inaccuracies.  They try though.  And by “they” I mean wikipedianerds.  In looking at the discussion tab, I chose the Mary Washington wiki site, it became apparent to me that some people are very intense over the integrity of the content.  There is a great debate on that discussion page whether should be listed on the UMW page.  Apparently, it is a HUGE deal.

I took this silly class last year where we had to make a project using a wiki.  One of the things that was most useful to me then, and seems to be very useful on wikipedia, is the  “history” tab, where you can revert the document to an earlier version.  That way if somebody enters something that shouldn’t be on the page, it is easily removed.

The “colabrativeness” is really what sets a wikipage apart from other documents on the web. Everybody who views a page can edit it without having to create a login name, download a program, or have any skills or knowledge at all.  That is the whole deal with wikipedia- the collaborative nature of the site is both the good and the bad.

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