First Post

Hey Everybody.

My name is Matthew Downs.  I’m a senior and this is my last history class everrrrrrr… Yes, in my entire life.  That is kind of the most fun part of this class.  And, also, what I look forward to the most.

So far, I’m really enjoying this class.  I think the things that we talk about are useful not just for classes that we might take in the future, but also for life in general.  Really, who cares exactly what year some battle was fought in or what year somebody was born in?  I can look that stuff up.  What is more important is that we all know how to apply that knowledge in a practical setting.  Not very many of us are going to be PHD historians, so that “other” knowledge may be more important than dates, facts, battles, etc.  This is one of the only history courses that focuses on that “other” knowledge aspect of learning.  As a senior, and not a person going for a phd in history, that is the sort of thing I am most interested in- the ability to create a webpage, the ability to apply things I learn into an useful source.  I have also always been interested in technology.  While I am no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, I have always felt that I’ve been pretty good at using this stuff and have been pretty comfortable using it.


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